Who am I?

This could be such a long and abstract answer, because I find it very difficult to sum things, people, or ideas up in a short and concise manner. I appreciate complexities too much.  I’ll try anyway.

I recently realized that I don’t understand the feeling of boredom, because I carry too much enthusiasm for learning and thinking. My mind never feels like it’s idle, even if I’m watching some ridiculous MTV dating show (NEXT). What people are thinking and why they make the decisions they make are questions that are constantly cycling through my head as I interact with people or hear their stories on some level.

My Quest

I’m on a quest. A few years ago it became apparent to me that I felt a thrill in helping people zero-in on things they felt passionate about, and then find a way to execute a plan to be impactful within that passion. One of my favorite ways to do this is to help create and execute a business or organization. There are just so many great ideas and a lot of uncertainty over executing and funding those ideas. A mentor of my told me that 85% of every business or organization is the same; the last 15% varies depending on what you’re doing. I have been seeking to master that 85%, so that I can help people make their brilliance, their passions, and their lives into something that directly impacts their communities and the world.

7 Favorite Things

While pondering things I like, I realized there were a couple of different tiers and just a few things that fit in the very top, but of course, as life goes on I discover new additions to the very top tier. In no particular order:

  1. The Olympics
  2. Christmas
  3. The NFL
  4. Refereeing ridiculous games or activities strictly
  5. The Ocean
  6. Working with this guy named Michael James
  7. Falling asleep randomly and just letting it happen (not while driving of course)

What’s This Blog About?

I want to cover a number of things in this space. I’ll mostly focus on entrepreneurial topics since that is where my mind is most of the time these days as I take on my quest. There will be entries touching on all sorts of things in regard to that topic from books on productivity to online tools, to interviews with wise entrepreneurial sages; even some details on my own projects. Quite honestly, the answer to this question will probably evolve as I dig in.


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